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Our Association

The aim of our association is to organise quality cultural events to the international audience in Brussels.
Why arcFAM?
FAM or Franco-Anglo-Magyar
stands for the mother tongues of our founders.
The word "arc", as the association's anglo-greek godmother found, sounded artistic in all three languages.
in Hungarian it means face or expression, French and English read it as arch (bridge) or ark (boat)
All three symbols can be found in our logo.


In 2010, the association started off as a theatre group putting on stage multilingual amateur productions. Since 2011, on popular demand, we also put on plays  in Hungarian.

Charity events: since 2010 we organise the spectacular social event, the Brussels Hungarian Charity Ball. We followed with a Charity Fashion Show and Concert, Splendid Talents.

Our gastronomy branch debuted in 2011 with monthly wine-tastings, followed by pálinka-tastings the year after. This year we shall turn to the combination of international snacks with Hungarian wine. Interested? Sign up to our newsletter.


Since 2010 we have been organising the weekly music programme for small children, Csiribiri, and extended it with special programmes like concerts and puppet-shows. Our drama group for kids, Mikkamakka started in 2013. Our Hungarian holiday camp Ákom-Bákom started in 2015, and our creative atelier Fakopáncs in 2016.

In 2019 we introduced Kaland, our sports and adventure camp, as well as our Multilingual Music Camp.

The school year 2019/2020 marks also the debut of arcFAM ARTschool. From this year onwards our kids' activities will continue in an artschool format and will cover several new languages.

Interested in getting involved as a volunteer? We always look for new ideas and enthousiastic colleagues.
Steering Committee: Zsuzsanna Dákai (chair)
Viktória Tarnóczi (treasurer)
József Borbély, István Havas (Committee Members)
Emese Savoia-Keleti (VIP coordinator)
Bank details: IBAN: BE16 6430 0439 3874 * CODE BIC : BMPBBEBB
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