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Tünde Karácsonyi

Tünde Karácsonyi holds a Master’s degree in psychology, specializing in theoretical and practical psychology of children’s health and development. She has worked in elementary and high schools both as a school psychologist and a teacher of psychology. Her teaching experience extends to schools for pupils with intellectual disability. She expanded her professional experience by volunteering on the field and by implementing various workshops for marginalised children. 

She considers that caring about how well one expresses him/herself in his/her mother tongue is of big importance. It has an impact on the development of one's personality. Also, the presence of other languages surrounding children affects their behaviour and their way of thinking. In her opinion respecting and getting to know other cultures is very important, just as much as knowing our own roots and nurturing our own own culture. She believes that arcFAM Association is the perfect place for this; a meeting point of Brussels’ many cultures, where children can progress in their own language, while also learning about and adopting some other customs. 

Her professional aim is to help the development into healthy adulthood of as many children as possible, as the her firm belief is that the social abilities, cultural needs and development potential of future generations are defined by their childhood experiences and influences.


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