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Call for Volunteers

Volunteers needed! arcFAM association is recruiting volunteers
to help with the running of the events of the Association. You can give us a hand in the diverse and multifaceted work that precedes an event or in the running of the events either on a regular or on occasional basis.
Depending on what you interested in or which area you would like to gain more experience in and of course on how much time you can dedicate to helping us, we offer the following four roles to chose from:
1. Occasional “Right hands”: This role is great since it does not require long-term commitment, much time or expertise, but without such helpers any show or event can go chaotic in no time. At most of our events, be it a theatre performance or a wine tasting, we need friendly helpers to welcome the guests, pour wine, collect tickets or simply give a hand wherever help is needed.
2. Backstage or Creative Team Members: This role requires some creativity or technical knowledge or the ability and willingness to learn. Your ideas, talents and stamina here can help with our costumes, theatre set, props, decoration or technical preparations (lights or sound). This role means more investment as the preparations start a number of weeks before each show and "all hands on deck" from the tech/dress rehearsals till the get-out.
3. Event Organiser: Interested in organising events yourself? You can join the organising team of our current events or you can bring your own ideas. This role is requires the most commitment both in energy and time, and it comes with the correponding responsiblity. This is also the role where you can learn the most, where you can really make a difference and maybe realise your dream project.
4. Online background helpers: the advantage of this position is that you can stay home and still help us. You only need a PC and the Internet. This work may not get as much exposure than the previous ones, but it is equally important. Without audience registration, there is no show, kids have to be able to entrol in our holiday camps, our website needs to be user friendly. To help with those tasks we look to welcome helpers who feel comfortable using MS Office and the Internet and can spare a couple of hours every week online. 
Should you be interested in any of the roles above please let us know as soon as possible by clicking on this link!
Thank you for your interest! We look forward to working and having fun together!
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