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Bé Színjátszó Kör

Bé Színjátszó Kör
our drama group for the forever young
opens its arms to welcome
those Hungarian speakers who are interested in the magic of theatre.
Join us now!




Our theatre group is a truly amateur, voluntary grouping, where the goal is to have fun. Have fun and share it with all the others. We play for our pleasure and to entertain ourselves and of course – you. We are constantly pushing the boundaries and crossing the limits – at least we try. Weekly, and usually successfully.  We are playing in Hungarian, which is for us the language of the discovery of our deepest self, of self-expression and self-improvement. We are consciously building our community of practice, to be inclusive and creative as the city is around us, and do our best to share all this.
„B” for us stands for Brussels, and represents openness, friendliness and inclusion – our core values.
Participation Fee:
110 euro per term with asbl full membership
101 euro per term with asbl associate membership
200 euro with full membership
offer valid for registrations by 10 September 2018
asbl gift package with each year registration
Contact: or +32 473 966 697
Dates & Times:
Weekly courses will be on Wednesdays
from 6.30 p.m. to 09.30 p.m.
excluding school holidays
17-18 classes per semester
the classes start on 5 September 2018

For the term schedule please follow this link.
Op-Weule Cultural Centre
rue Saint-Lambert 91, 1200 Brussels
(4 minutes walk from Roodebeek metro)
The programme is only open to members of arcFAM Association. The yearly membership fee is included in the participation fee above. Full members are entitled to vote at the general assembly of the association and to a 5 euro discount per family at the events organised by the association.
enlightened How to sign-up for the Bé Színjátszó Kör: enlightened
1. Register online for the 2018/19 school year at this link.
2. Join arcFAM Association by downloading the membership form here and returning it to the trainer duly filled in at the first class.
3. Transfer the participation fee to our account, IBAN: BE16 6430 0439 3874.
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