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The Play is the Thing - The Play


P.G. Wodeouse's adaptation of Játék a Kastélyban (The Play in the Castle) brings Ferenc Molnár's classic comedy to a wider audience. The play is a romantic farce without the usual door-slamming and comic entrances and exits. Instead, we are treated to a party of guests seemingly overhearing a lover's tryst, only to find (with the help of a very quick-witted playwright) that they are actually hearing something very different. The play combines beautifully formed characters with an exquisite text to provide a wonderful evening's entertainment. In this production, English, French and Hungarian were woven together to give the play its true European flavour. Don't worry subtitles were provided!

The play has been translated into French by Anna Lakos and Jean-Loup Rivière.


Conrad Toft

taught and directed drama for teenagers in Manchester, UK before moving to Slovakia, where he spent some time living in the Hungarian-speaking south of the country. While there he taught teachers how to use drama in the classroom to teach languages. Since moving to Belgium in 2004 he has acted in many Anglophone plays for Brussels-based amateur companies and has directed three plays for the English Comedy Club: Accidental Death of An Anarchist by Dario Fo, Diana of Dobson's by Cecily Hamilton and Someone Who'll Watch Over Me by Frank McGuinness.


Zsuzsanna Dákai

has extensive experience as a multi-lingual theatre producer in Belgium, Hungary and the UK. Her talents also extend to organising other events such as quizzes, fund-raisers, poetry evenings and balls, to name but a few. Her creativity expresses itself in her free time as she loves making jewellery and theatrical props while enjoying the different challenges of performing on stage. Apart from the opportunity to return to producing (this being her first love), these plays have given her the most exciting occasion to share some of her country's rich history with audiences in Brussels.


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