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Heads for King Ferdinand - The Play


This play is an absurd economic comedy tackling current issues whilst transposing them to the 16th century. Revolving around money and politics, the story unfolds in the castle of Gyapjas which is caught in a vice-like grip between the court of Vienna and the Turkish army. It puts the characters in farcical situations, while exploring issues thoroughly: Is everything negotiable? Where are there values? Questions are posed, but where are the answers? Whether it is the philosophy or the mischief that fascinates you, this unusual play charms you. It was performed in French and English with English, French and Hungarian subtitles.

The play has been translated into French by Vilma Mátyás assisted by Mónika Szabó and into English by Gerard Noonan.


Bernard Antoine 
has directed many plays for the théâtre du Défi de Namur and has won the Royal Trophy of the Fédération Nationale des Compagnies Dramatiques three times. The winning plays were: Après la pluie by Sergi Belbel in 2001, Jascha by Yasmina Reza in 2002, Les Rustres by Carlo Goldoni in 2004. Plays he directed whilst at the théâtre du Défi de Namur included: Un trait de l'esprit by Margaret Edson in 2006, Yvonne Princesse de Bourgogne by Gombrowicz in 2005 and William Pig le cochon qui avait lu Shakespeare by Christine Blondel in 2003.


Zsuzsanna Dákai

has extensive experience as a multi-lingual theatre producer in Belgium, Hungary and the UK. Her talents also extend to organising other events such as quizzes, fund-raisers, poetry evenings and balls, to name but a few. Her creativity expresses itself in her free time as she loves making jewellery and theatrical props while enjoying the different challenges of performing on stage. Apart from the opportunity to return to producing (this being her first love), these plays have given her the most exciting occasion to share some of her country's rich history with audiences in Brussels.


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