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Zoltán Szilvai

Zoltán Szilvai is martial arts and fitness instructor, personal trainer, ex-parachute soldier. He also heads Survival Courses and Extreme Adventure Tours.
He joined arcFAM Association and teaches within its framework, as he considers that martial arts represent the art of body and soul interconnection, which is closely related to other art forms present at arcFAM. Knowledge of nature and cooperation with it, provided one finds the ever present harmony, are also art and are also often depicted as such.

He leads the Adventure Camp of the Association as it is important to him that today's young generations are tought values ​​that, if assimilated thouroughly, can make their later life and the lives of their families richer and more successful. Martial arts provide these bases both physically and mentally, and survival courses emphasize the need for everyone to try to understand their own environment and both respect and understand nature and the forces present within.

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