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Emese Szabó

Emese Szabó-Solti holds a Bachelors degree in teaching. She specialised in developing the skills of primary school children. She also attended numerous workshops on how to help improving social skills and integration of children. She has worked mainly in elementary schools and in daycare services. She also gives private classes in Hungarian and acts as a piano tutor. 

She considers creating a balanced environment where children can both keep their national identity, traditions and remain open-minded cosmopolitans is crucial. She believes that arcFAM Association is the right place for this; thus she joined the team to help launching the association's daycare service Ákom-Bákom and she is determined to make the program a great success.  

Professionally she believes in a child-centered education where program content is taylored to the needs of the participants and sufficient time is given to express creativity freely. Her focus is on developing interpersonal skills and helping children integrate into society the smoothest possible way. With the colleagues she intends to create a fun, action-ready team who is ready to take on challenges in a flexible and effective way.
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