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Szilvia Pásztor

Szilvia Pásztor as a mother of four artistic children had no choice then going into crafts herself. An economist by her first degree, she pivoted and followed a number of courses and creative workshops at the College of Applied Arts in Budapest. Since their move to Belgium more than a decade ago she has been working as a crafts and creative animator at schools and clubs.
Her love of theatre with spectacular sets, creative props and faboulous costumes brought her to arcFAM Association. She started by creating an innovative set made exclusively by cheese look-a-likes for the show: Every Mouse likes Cheese. Then she moved on to leading the Association's creative atelier Fakopáncs. From 2019 she leads a new workshop dedicated to the discovery of different artistic styles and periods: Mûtárs Mûhely.
She teaches and animates classes to transmit her love of drawing, painting and innovative creation. She firmly believes that the purpose of creative education is first to familiarise children with various craft techniques which they can afterwards practice freely. Developing those techniques further according to their personalities and taste is what makes the skills most valuable. Teaching children in a pleasant, familiar atmosphere where they can grow is of equal importance to her. 
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