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Bálint Juhász

Bálint Juhász is a drama teacher. He has been working with education programmes, cultural project management and theatre internationally. He holds a Master in Education — Drama in Education degree from Trinity College Dublin and a degree of Literature and Linguistics from ELTE University Budapest. Previously, he was the educational programme manager of the Hungarian performing arts company, Krétakör. He led "Krétakör Free School", the company’s democracy awareness programme for secondary school students, which was among the principle reasons the company received the European Cultural Foundation’s Princess Margriet Award in 2016. He has experience in working with marginalised groups of society. Currently he also works as the Training and Communication Officer of the European Forum for Restorative Justice.

He has his own experience of being in the crossroads of different communities and languages as a child, and knows that this offers a lot of potential and poses great challenges at the same time. He believes that arcFAM’s community provides a very good framework for young people to learn about their environment, to explore their identity and to experience a sense of belonging.

Bálint considers drama as a protected and joyful way to nurture curiosity and motivation for learning, to build courage, to grow critical and reflective attitude. Participants of drama classes can experience care for others, learn about responsibility and collaboration. Drama can help students to test the challenges they face in society and enables them to contribute with their ideas to discourses on complex matters.


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