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Anna Bujtor

Anna Bujtor holds teacher's degrees both in drama and in Hungarian language and literature.  She has been teaching Hungarian language and literature since 2007 in schools and also as an afterschool activity. As a drama teacher she held classes in a wide range of settings; in schools, in museums and also with art associations. Children of a wide variety of ages took part in her classes from kindergarden to secondary schools.
Anna has been participating in the work of arcFAM Association since 2017, she took part in Bé-Szinkör first and has been teaching in the Mikkamakka groups since September 2018. She has been living with her family in Brussels for a number of years, her children go to Belgian schools. As such she considers important that they keep on using their native language, Hungarian. She considers arcFAM as a home to
 a variety of art classes, which offers many opportunities creative development and through the magical and complex world of art helps children preserve and develop their native language in fun and exciting ways.
Her professional experience shows that drama and litterature classes are excellent tools in the emotional and societal development of children. Creating and playing together, the joy of experiencing positive and liberating games helps participants of all ages to express their emotions, experience them fully, resolve their anxieties, develop their empathy, and create a successful community. 


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